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Welcome to Kent Rail. This website aims to look at the railways of Kent and the general South Eastern Division from a historical perspective, mainly concentrating on the development of infrastructure (stations and actual routes), locomotives and rolling stock in the region. Where possible, period pictures will be included, but naturally, most content on the website at time of typing dates from more recent times. History of the motive power which has served the lines of the South Eastern Division is included where possible, with the steam traction section still very much in its infancy. This website is neither a definitive guide nor a highly detailed encyclopaedia, but will hopefully develop into a useful source of information. The website is historically-focused rather than technically geared, but the latter is most certainly included in its fundamental form within sections which it is deemed necessary. Some pictures on here are better in quality than others, but they all contribute to giving a good impression of the Kent railway scene. There is still plenty more detail and information to add to existing sections, something which will be done when it is unearthed. I hope you enjoy browsing through this website as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. David Glasspool

Pictures and information of railway infrastructure which is located within Kent and the South Eastern Division

An index concentrating on the infrastructure, motive power, and rolling stock related to the Channel Tunnel and associated high speed rail links

Sink the Link

Pictures and information of those types which have run on Kent and South Eastern Division metals

An index concentrating on the infrastructure related to Crossrail

Is it a bus? Is it a tube? Is it a train? Yes, it's all three! It's SUPERCAR!

Saturday 18th October 2014: Victoria to Ramsgate and Dover Priory services via Sidcup

A look at the progress being made at London Bridge in connection with the Thameslink Programme

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A selection of South Eastern Division railway maps

Historical coverage of those carriages operated as part of the VSOE British Pullman fleet, Stewarts Lane


London & Greenwich Railway 150th Anniversary

Photographs and information on this special event on 23rd & 24th August 1986, organised by British Rail's Southern Region, featuring stock of the newly-formed Network SouthEast sector and locomotives provided by Railfreight, in addition to traction of preservation groups.

London Bridge Station Exhibition 1988

Photographs and information on this special event organised by the Network SouthEast Business Sector over 27th & 28th August 1988, with help and assistance from British Rail's Southern Region and the TrainLoad freight sectors.

Margate Gala 1988

Photographs and information of this special event organised by the Network SouthEast Business Sector during September 1988, featuring preserved EMU stock and a ''Deltic'' diesel.

Network's Easter Parade 1991

Photographs and information on this special event at London Bridge Station, organised by Network SouthEast and the Southern Electric Group over 30th & 31st March 1991, with help and assistance from British Rail's Southern Region (then soon to be disbanded) and the TrainLoad freight sectors.

Ramsgate Maintenance Depot Open Day

Southeastern Open Day at Ramsgate Maintenance Depot on 29th August 2015

A variety of articles ranging from Kent railway topics to those outside of the website's usual scope

''Up'' Side: Serving trains heading in the London direction

''Down'' Side: Serving trains heading away from London

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