Network's Easter Parade 1991

30th & 31st March 1991



Network's Easter Parade 1991

The second steam locomotive on display was also a Bulleid Pacific, this time splendidly

turned-out West Country Class No. 34027 ''Taw Valley'', complete with the customary Mk 1

coach. The London Bridge Signalling Panel in the background became operational on 17th

April 1976. Mike Glasspool



Network's Easter Parade 1991

A sparkling clean Class 59/1 of ARC Aggregates, No. 59104, was seen at the terminus. Class

59s in general were drafted in from 1986 onwards to provide reliable railway traction for

aggregate companies Foster Yeoman and ARC, whom had not been happy with the troublesome

diesels erstwhile supplied by British Rail. Mike Glasspool



Network's Easter Parade 1991

Joining ARC's locomotive was Foster Yeoman's own Class 59, No. 59004 ''Yeoman Challenger''.

An obvious cosmetic difference between the two, apart from the livery, is the headlamp display,

No. 59004 looking somewhat more Americanised. Mike Glasspool



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