Station Reconstruction

2nd August 2014


This eastward view from platforms 3/4 shows a hotchpotch of structures from various eras: an SE&CR canopy (albeit with later BR valance), a 1970s BR footbridge, and a station building from 2013. David Glasspool

2nd August 2014


As mentioned earlier, windows have recently been installed along the footbridge and these run on both sides. In an effort to improve the environment further (things could not have got much worse than they had been until this time), blue boards have been affixed to the sides to cover up the exposed metal of the footbridge. This was made possible by installing a wooden framework in-between the footbridge beams, to which the boards could be screwed. David Glasspool

2nd August 2014


This eastward view from the end of the extended platforms 1/2 show repair work having been recently completed on the structure which formerly accommodated the Dartford Panel. A hole had been blown in upper panelling during the storms of February 2014. David Glasspool

24th September 2016


Nowhere near as grand as that at Gravesend, a "cycle hub" has been commissioned at Dartford, offering bike hire services. It is sandwiched in-between the car park and former site of "The Railway Hotel" pub. David Glasspool


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