Dollands Moor

18th June 2006

An eastward view reveals some of the later works. On the far right is the Kent Coast domestic line, in its newly slewed position. The single-track alongside this is the ''up'' CTRL line, whilst on the left of the central partition is the original double-track of 1994, where the changeover between third rail and overhead wires occur. Beyond this is, naturally, the yard. © David Glasspool

18th June 2006

The CTRL avoids a flat junction with the domestic line, eliminating any conflict of movement between the two types of service. This westward view shows the ''up'' line ascending, with the double-track Kent Coast line swerving underneath. The ''down'' line is positioned on the opposite side of the yard and, in fact, can just be seen ascending in the background. © David Glasspool

21st June 2007

Bound for France: a Class 56 and Class 58 are seen paired in the yard, waiting to be dragged through the Channel Tunnel. On the continent, they were to fulfil a new role of hauling infrastructure trains during the construction of new French high-speed lines. © David Glasspool