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Generator Coach No. 6313

BR Mk 1 Full Brake


This was one of four Full Brake BR Mk 1 vehicles converted into generator coaches to provide Electric Train Supply (ETS) on the Edinburgh to Aberdeen/Inverness portion of sleeper services from London Euston. Commencing with the Summer 1992 timetable was the use of double-heading Class 37 diesels on sleeper services north of Edinburgh. The locomotives were drawn from the pools of the TrainLoad Freight Sectors and Railfreight Distribution, and lacked ETS.


Conversions [1992]


        No. 80903 BR Mk 1 Full Brake: Renumbered No. 6311

        No. 81023 BR Mk 1 Full Brake: Renumbered No. 6312

        No. 81448 BR Mk 1 Full Brake: Renumbered No. 6310

        No. 81553 BR Mk 1 Full Brake: Renumbered No. 6313


No. 81553 originally emerged in 1958, and was part of a batch of BR Mk 1 carriages whose construction was subcontracted to the Pressed Steel Company's factory in Linwood, Scotland. The 1992 conversions involved the installation of a diesel generator into the former luggage area of the main coach body, and the fitting of a fuel tank on the underside of the chassis. Exhaust fumes were released through an outlet mounted on the roof, and this in turn was fitted with a silencer. The generator coaches remained in service on the Scottish sleepers until the cessation of Freight Sector Class 37 haulage in 1995, and dispersion of the fleet to private charter operators began in the following year.


21st June 2007


Both the ventilation grill and the chassis fuel tank are obvious in this view of generator coach No. 6313, seen

at the seaward end of Folkestone Harbour station. Much of the noise heard from the coach is in fact that of

the coolant system, rather than that of the diesel generator. David Glasspool



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