Margate Gala

September 1988


4 SUB No. 4732


4 SUB No. 4732 shows its Bulleid-designed curved profile well, as it forms the shuttle service to Ramsgate. The

unit received the green livery during its final overhaul in 1982, and remained serviceable  until 1995, when it

went into storage. Fortunately, this 4 SUB survived into preservation and can now be found at the Coventry

Railway Centre. John Horton


''Deltic'' (Class 55) No. D9000 ''Royal Scots Grey''


D9000 became the first ''Deltic'' to appear at Margate. Standing beside the locomotive are Mick Timms (on the

left), the founder of ''D9000 Locomotives Limited'', and, on the right, the Area Manager. The descriptive board

showed a history of D9000 and was made by John Horton, to be shown at other exhibitions the locomotive would

attend. The ''D9000 Locomotives Limited'' was later declared bankrupt, but the locomotive has thankfully passed

into safe hands. John Horton



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