Network's Easter Parade 1991

30th & 31st March 1991



Network's Easter Parade 1991

Class 31 No. 31165 ''Stratford Major Depot'' appeared in an earlier guise at the event wearing

BR Brunswick Green with yellow warning panel and its original number D5583. Unfortunately,

the locomotive's ''celebrity'' livery did not save it from scrap, and it was broken up at Crewe in

April 1996. Mike Glasspool



Network's Easter Parade 1991

No. 37888 was positioned in front of the Class 31 at the event, and is seen here wearing the

attractive two-tone grey livery of TrainLoad Metals. This locomotive is currently in Spain.

Mike Glasspool



Network's Easter Parade 1991

Class 60 No. 60012 was the newest diesel locomotive at the event, and had come from nearby

Hither Green where it had been taking over from Class 33s on aggregate workings. Thus, it

appears with the TrainLoad Construction symbol superimposed on two-tone grey. Mike Glasspool



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