14th January 2016

A sad scene in evidence: demolition of the SE&CR canopy was underway after nearly a month to the day of the station's closure. The framework, over 100 years of age, is presumably heading for the scrap yard. © Roger Goodrum

15th January 2016

A northward view from Fort Pitt Hill shows a twelve-car Class 375 formation passing the redundant station, the canopy now just a skeleton. The "down" island had yet to be touched, although the demolition teams will undoubtedly make light work of flattening the prefabricated structures. © Roger Goodrum

15th January 2016

The presence of flood lights indicates that much of the dismantling process is taking place at night. The removal of the valance and roof panels shows the layout of the guttering. Additionally, a still operational banner repeater signal can be seen under the canopy, on the right. © Roger Goodrum