17th April 1977

The wagons loaded with bridge sections were hauled northwards from the station and shunted into a siding adjacent to the coal yard, opposite the signal box. Here we see the bridge parts being unloaded by a road crane prior to being broken into smaller parts and then loaded onto lorries for disposal. © David Morgan

17th April 1977

Job done: with jib and lifting gear safely stowed on the runner wagon, the crane's water tank is replenished with the aid of a hosepipe from the ''Up'' Side staff room. Further along the platform, the breakdown train crew discusses the day's events before making the short trip back to Hither Green Depot. © David Morgan. A big thank you to David Morgan for providing considerable information and photographs on the station reconstruction.

October 1977

After rebuilding, this was by no means a station of beauty. A London-bound view shows that works were not yet complete on platforms 3 and 4 (right), which still retained concrete bracket lampposts and BR "Sausage" Totem name signs. The canopies in the background were the only platform structures to survive the rebuilding. © David Glasspool Collection


This now classic scene depicts Hastings unit No. 1007 forming a Charing Cross service from its namesake, in appalling weather. The platform canopies date from the SR modernisation of 1935 and are now the oldest parts of the station. The car park on the right occupies the former site of the "up" side SER clapboard station building. © Chris