Dartford Loop Line

150th Anniversary

Albany Park

Albany Park is the youngest station on the line, having opened on 7th July 1935 during the 1930s housing boom radiating from London. Apart from the diminutive signal box, which closed on 1st November 1970, the station retains its major architectural features, although the timber canopy valances have been replaced by corrugated metal panels. The footbridge has also been refurbished, which has seen the addition of corrugated metal sheeting along both sides of the walkway, again in the place of timber. A near identical station was opened by the Southern Railway at Falconwood, on the Bexleyheath line, on 1st January 1936. This was the scene on 10th September 2016. © David Glasspool


The station at Sidcup opened a month later than the Dartford Loop Line. Over time, the site has been rebuilt to the extent that there are no longer any SER structures upon the platforms. The framework of the platform canopies dates from a partial rebuild by the Southern Railway in 1937, but the corrugated valances are post-2000. "Up" and "down" side SER buildings were demolished in 1987 and 1991 respectively, and further work was in progress in the background of the above photograph from 10th September 2016, to install a new footbridge. © David Glasspool

New Eltham

Opened as "Pope Street" on 1st April 1878, New Eltham station was once a typical SER affair comprising timber buildings and a lattice footbridge. Today, however, it is a very modern site, having been provided with a replacement "up" side main building in 1988 and, much more recently, an imposing footbridge in 2014. This westward view from 10th September 2016, however, does include one surviving historic structure at the station: the "down" side timber waiting shelter, albeit with a simplified canopy. © David Glasspool