Slade Green Depot

SE&CR Shed Code: 4

TOPS Code: ''SG''


14th January 2003


The east side of Slade Green Depot. At the rear can be seen the original structure which once supported the 150,000 gallon water tank (a much smaller one now in evidence). The white walls also seen in the background indicate where the repair shed originally extended to. A proposal was made in recent years to use the land in the foreground to build a rail freight depot. Nothing came of this, and consideration was subsequently given to using the land for a Crossrail depot. This fell on stony ground when the Crossrail scheme was cut back to Abbey Wood. David Glasspool

14th January 2003


A Dartford-bound view shows the double-track loop branching off towards Barnehurst. Another such spur exists at the Dartford end of the layout, thus creating a triangular junction. In the background is a footbridge linking the depot with five more sidings on the ''up'' side of the running lines. David Glasspool

1st July 2004


A Dartford-bound view at the northern end of the depot shows ten rolling stock sidings flanking the double-track of the North Kent Line, five on either side. Click the above for a larger version. David Glasspool


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