20th February 2017

Roger Goodrum has been keeping a close eye on the station's rebuilding. In the above shot can be seen a new ramp taking shape, which is to serve as the temporary station entrance/exit whilst the "down" side structure is replaced. © Roger Goodrum

20th February 2017

New shelters have also been appearing on the platforms. These are built to a standard design which first came on the scene in the early 2000s. This is a northward view from the "down" side. © Roger Goodrum

7th April 2017

Demolition begins! A JCB makes light work of the CLASP structure, exposing the light metal framework. © Roger Goodrum

10th April 2017

Three days later, about half of the CLASP structure had been taken down. © Roger Goodrum

23rd April 2017

Virtually all gone, bar a handful of struts which once supported the narrow canopy. © Roger Goodrum