Kent Rail

Waterloo International


27th February 2004


Since the earlier 1995 view, a large advertisement had appeared on the glazed partition between the concourse and the curved trainshed. The crowds were sizeable, but all is quiet today. David Glasspool


21st July 2005


Three Trans Manche Super Train sets are seen stabled under the distinctive curved trainshed of Waterloo International on 21st July 2005. Note the structure begins to taper on the right, where it is framed by the colour light gantry. David Glasspool


New Year's Day 2008


Eerily quiet, the deserted concourse is seen devoid of escalators and security equipment. The latter was reused at Ebbsfleet International, which explains why the station opened five days later than the rest of the CTRL's ''Section 2''. David Glasspool



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