A basic wooden waiting shelter was provided at this end of the ''up'' platform when built, but the

structure seen here is of a later date, mostly of SE&CR origin. However, the plainer piece of valance

at the end of the canopy was actually installed by the Southern Railway, thus the building is a bit of

a hybrid! The whole structure is clapboard, a once familiar sight along the route, and is seen in good

condition on 29th September 2004. David Glasspool




A footbridge was not provided when the station was first opened and the current structure was

erected after the Grouping of 1923, by the Southern Railway. The ''down'' platform seen on left

shows the extensive lengthening undertaken to accept longer electric formations. This reduces the

effect of staggered platforms. David Glasspool



The buffer stops on the restored pier are seen on 25th February 2004. On the extreme right can

just be seen the scrap metal works, which from 1973 onwards, had scrap metal shipped down

to Sheerness Steel. David Glasspool



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