London Bridge Station Exhibition

27th & 28th August 1988


This was one of two major London termini exhibitions to be organised by Network SouthEast, the other being the ''Network Day'' at London Waterloo the following October. These were very successful events, instigated by an enthusiast-friendly Business Sector, and provided the opportunity for Network SouthEast to show off its pride and joy rolling stock - new and old - whilst giving the public a comprehensive insight into the working of British Rail. The London Bridge Station Exhibition over the weekend of 27th and 28th August 1988 allowed the presentation - with style - of the South Western Division's new five-car electric multiple unit, destined to take over from 4 Rep stock and Class 33 / 4 TC formations on the Waterloo to Weymouth route. The first of the units, known as Class 442 ''Wessex Electrics'', had entered service on 16th May of that year, but all would not be commissioned until early 1989. Naturally, new contrasted with old and there was a copious array of preserved stock in the form of a Deltic diesel, a Hastings DEMU and a 4 Sub EMU, amongst others, but no standard gauge steam locomotives present on this occasion (although this by no way detracted from a very enjoyable day). As usual, the freight sectors did not disappoint: the most prominent of their locomotives on show were the Class 33 and 58.



London Bridge Station Exhibition

No. 73118 ''The Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway'' attended the London Bridge Station

Exhibition on 27th August 1988 and is seen here fronting a departmental train in the terminus

platforms. The livery is an adaptation of the well-known Intercity ''Executive'' scheme, although it

incorporates a medium-sized BR logo rather than the 'INTERCITY' text. After privatisation this

locomotive was renamed ''Mary Rose'' and was one of two electro-diesels to be extensively modified

for hauling rolling stock used in connection with the Channel Tunnel. On the left is an example

of one of the then new ''Wessex Electric'' units, No. 2415. Mike Glasspool



London Bridge Station Exhibition

At the London Bridge Station Exhibition on 27th August 1988, the final member of the Class

58 pool, No. 58050, is seen wearing the two-tone Trainload Coal livery. This locomotive had

previously worn the grey, red and yellow livery of the Railfreight sector, but within a few

months it was repainted into the scheme shown here. Although the class were in rapid decline

after privatisation, this locomotive is guaranteed survival at the National Railway Museum.

Mike Glasspool.



London Bridge Station Exhibition

On 27th August 1988, Crompton No. 33114 ''Sultan'' was on display at the London Bridge

Station Exhibition, wearing all-over BR blue with full yellow warning panels and small BR

logos. This locomotive was actually Eastleigh-based, despite several examples being located

at the nearby Hither Green Depot which could have attended the event! This locomotive

worked on the Waterloo main lines to Weymouth and Exeter, being fitted with push and pull

equipment for the former. The locomotive finally succumbed in August 1996 when it was

scrapped at Eastleigh Yard by MRJ Phillips Ltd. Mike Glasspool



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