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Swanley is host to ''Westinghouse Rail Systems'' (formerly ''Westinghouse Brake & Signalling Systems''), suppliers of signalling and train control equipment. They have been based here for a number of years and also have a large complex adjacent to Hoo Junction on the North Kent Line. The Chippenham-based company sold off the ''brakes'' aspect of the business a number of years ago. On the Southern Region, Network Rail enlisted the services of this company during the power supply upgrade for acceptance of new units which were coming on the scene. At Swanley there are two such Westinghouse-occupied buildings, these separated by the road bridge giving access to the station approach.


13th February 2006


The practical training area is located beyond the junction, over the other side of the road bridge, adjacent to

the Bat & Ball line. It is certainly restricted, simply comprising a four -aspect colour light and the head of a set

of points. David Glasspool



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