Aalborg Vestby

This was one of five new stations opened over a twelve month period to provide an hourly local railway service between Lindholm, in the suburb of Nørresundby, and Skørping, 26-KM south of Aalborg, Denmark. Lindholm was the first of the then new stations to be commissioned by Danske Statsbaner (DSB: Danish State Railways), coming into use on 15th December 2002. On 14th December of the following year, four more stations were opened upon the route south of the Limfjord, as part of a new timetable: Aalborg Vestby, Skalborg, Svenstrup, and Støvring.

Aalborg Vestby is located 1-KM north of the city’s main 1902-opened station (this having replaced an earlier site dating from 1869) and 300-metres south of the bridge which takes the railway over the water of the Limfjord. Two 160-metre-long platforms were built upon the embankment carrying the double-track from the city centre; the formation narrows to a single line immediately before crossing the Limfjord. Each platform comprises a rectangular glazed shelter near its southern end, adjacent to which is a glazed lift shaft providing step-free access to street level. The lifts on both platforms were refurbished by "Banedanmark" — the government organisation which looks after the maintenance and operation of Denmark’s state-owned railway lines — between 24th September and 12th October 2018. Staircases are situated at both northern and southern ends of each platform, and the suffix “Vestby” literally translates from Danish to “west city”.

2nd October 2021

The waiting shelters and lift shafts are in the background of this southward view from platform 1. Each platform is divided into three sections: A, B, and C. © David Glasspool

2nd October 2021

Looking in the opposite direction, the double-track is seen curving to assume a roughly north eastward course, before narrowing to one line and passing over the Limfjord. The latter, and the bridge which crosses it, can just be seen in the distance on the far right. © David Glasspool