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Railway infrastructure contractors ''GRAMM Interlink Rail Ltd'' have a training facility adjacent to platform 1 at the station, allowing practical training on laying and ballasting track work, in addition to the formation of sets of points. The training facility is in a separate enclosure, with no physical connection with the line across the Romney Marsh. The organisation dates back to April 2000, when two erstwhile separate concerns, ''GRAMM Rail'' and ''Interlink Rail Ltd'', amalgamated to become a significant presence in rail infrastructure construction. The East Sussex-based company is one of a number used by Network Rail to train and supply labour for the permanent way department. The formerly independent Interlink Rail had been performing a similar function for Railtrack since 1999.


3rd November 2004


The evening closes in on 3rd November 2004 as the training facility is seen at Appledore. On this occasion, a

set of points - complete with ballast - were in evidence, with a mixture of concrete and wooden sleepers.

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