Ashford Shed

74A; 73F


In the foreground is the front of ex-SE&CR "C" Class No. 592; in the background is "O1" Class No. 65, behind which is Pullman car "Phyllis". © David Glasspool Collection

March 1970

This view of ex-SE&CR "C" Class No. 592 (BR No. 31592), complete with "Birdcage" brake coach of the same company, shows the only part of the shed which still had a roof and could be closed off by large timber doors. It was this part of the building which became dedicated to diesels in the depot's last years, which explains why the tracks were still covered. The partition between this part of the shed - presumably asbestos - and the remaining ex-steam tracks can be seen. This roofed portion of the shed was used to store the preserved stock of the steam centre. © David Glasspool Collection

March 1970

This photograph of "H" Class No. 263 shows, in the left background, the embankment which once led to the elevated coal stage. The tender in the right background was that of Black Five No. 45110. On 29th August 1971, Merchant Navy Class No. 35028 "Clan Line" arrived at the site. © David Glasspool Collection