Folkestone Central


3rd November 2004


A westward view on 3rd November 2004 reveals the lift and canopy of the remaining island, and

the disused platform. The bricks of the platforms are the oldest constituents of the station, dating

right back to 1884. David Glasspool


3rd November 2004


An eastward view on 3rd November 2004 reveals the prefabricated concrete extension of the

disused island. Also on view is the top of the station building's tower, on the left, which rises

up from street level. The vacated space where a track once laid is obvious. David Glasspool


3rd November 2004


Another westward view reveals the slewed tracks, a disused colour aspect signal and a signal post

repositioned on the original ''up'' track bed. Folkestone West is only ⅔ mile in the distance.

David Glasspool



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