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This is a large open air facility, located at the eastern end of Hoo Junction ''down'' yard. Construction of the training site began in 2002 with the clearing of wooden-sleeper sidings in this area. By 2004 the whole task was largely complete. The site is used by rail contractor Balfour Beattie and covers many aspects of infrastructure maintenance: track laying; third rail installation, platform building and four aspect colour light signalling. The extensive buildings immediately to the north of the yard are, however, still part of Westinghouse Rail Systems.



Hoo Junction Training Compound

The training compound is seen from its eastern end on 22nd January 2006. A short section of

platform is in evidence on the left, whilst beyond it is a four-aspect colour light signal. There

are a total of three parallel lines here, the one on the left being accompanied by a third rail. The

third of the tracks can just be seen emerging on the right. David Glasspool



Hoo Junction Training Compound

It seems that Hoo Junction now has a second station to complement the 1956-opened ''Staff

Halt''! In this view, the name board ''Hoo'' can be picked out on the section of wooden platform

fencing, superimposed on a green background. The colour light signal data panel also states ''Hoo''.

David Glasspool



Hoo Junction Training Compound

This was the scene on 28th January 2004. The training compound is out of the picture, on the right,

and here are the stacks of sleepers which were removed to accommodate the facility. David Glasspool



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