Hoo Junction Training Exercise

7th March 1993: By David Morgan


On Saturday 7th March 1993, the Trainload Freight division of BR hosted a joint emergency exercise with other departments and the emergency services at Hoo Junction. The emergency scenario assumed that a car waiting at Shornmead Level Crossing had been struck by a bus and pushed onto the crossing, where it had then been hit and pushed along the line by a passing train. Numerous suitably made up casualties were dotted around the scene and the fire brigade provided smoke canisters to simulate a fire on board the train unfortunately these worked rather too well and some real fire damage occurred. The train was formed of Training Unit 930997 (ADB977780 / 778 / 779 / 777), whilst the fire brigade provided a suitably damaged car, and Maidstone & District supplied bus No. 5847.


7th March 1993


Here we see the car occupants and train driver ready and waiting just prior to the initial 999 call being made. David Morgan


7th March 1993


A few minutes after the 999 call was made, the first fire engine arrives on the scene. By this time the smoke canisters in the second coach were having some effect. David Morgan



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