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This is the London Travelcard of Kent. The Kent Rover provides unlimited rail travel over the majority of routes in the county. The ticket covers a period of three days for a price of £24.00, and is valid from 09:30 onwards: unfortunately, there is no one-day version available. One Kent Rover also permits up to four accompanied children at £1.00 each. It appears that the ticket can be purchased from any station within the Rover's scope, or even aboard the train for those stations without ticketing facilities. Issued by ''Southeastern'', naturally, there are sections of the Kent network which are excluded from the ticket’s range: this is partly because the services on such lines are operated by an alternate company. For example, the route of Ashford to Hastings via Appledore is not covered by the Kent Rover, precisely because this line is operated by ‘’Southern Railway’’. As an aside note, the latter company itself issues an ‘’All-day Rover’’ which covers the whole of its network, including the aforementioned line across the Romney Marshes. There are also those stations which are left in ‘’limbo’’ – they are neither covered by the Kent Rover nor the London Travelcard. Dartford to Northfleet stations inclusive, and Dunton Green, are within this bracket, and normal cheap day return tickets are required to fill the breach between the two card areas. Those Kent-based stations west of Tonbridge, on the line to Redhill (Leigh, Penshurst, and Edenbridge), are also excluded from the Kent Rover's scope, despite being on a route served by the issuing company. The latter line is, however, shared with the ''Southern Railway'' operating company.




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