21st June 2012

To formally mark the reopening of a rail connection between the North Kent Line and the former site of the cement works, a rail tour was run from Victoria. The train, comprised of BR Mk 1 "Blood and Custard" stock, was named "Northfleet Rail Revival" and, on the outward trip, was headed by Class 66 No. 66744, with Electro-Diesel No. 73205 at the rear. The train had travelled up from Eastleigh to Victoria that morning as empty stock. © Ian Cuthbertson

9th March 2013

A view across Church Path Pit shows the completed spur curving towards Western Tunnel (out of view to the left). Alongside can be seen the northward-facing siding mentioned earlier, which runs alongside the spur in the tunnel © David Glasspool

9th March 2013

The former cement works site had become a mud bath by the time of this image, a far cry from the tidy state of affairs seen in the December 2011 picture. © David Glasspool

9th March 2013

Now down at a lower level, along the eastern part of the site, we see the triple-track formation curving round to run roughly parallel with the river. The conveyer belt linking the site with the deep water wharf is enclosed within the white casing seen straddling the tracks. © David Glasspool