Slade Green Depot

SE&CR Shed Code: 4

TOPS Code: ''SG''




A staff footbridge was erected across the front of the new repair shed, and it is from here where this photograph is taken, again of the stricken 4-EPB. On the far right is the then new ''Slade Green Depot Control Room'', whilst to its left is the former engine shed. Within the latter can just be picked out a ''main line'' 4 CEP unit. At this time, main line stock from the Central Division arrived at the depot for seating refurbishment and wheel turning. There was also a regular main line service which ran from Faversham to Dartford, leaving around 23:15. From Dartford, the train proceeded empty stock to Slade Green and, the following morning, formed the 05:10 hours to Dover Priory. Colin Relf

April 1991


Resplendent in "Network SouthEast" colours and bearing the "Kent Link" logo, 4 EPB No. 5438 is seen on the then newly-laid concrete-sleeper track, heading towards the Heavy Repair Shop, the latter of which had only just been completed. The signal box, left of centre, controlled the tracks of the depot. In the background is the former steam locomotive shed. David Glasspool

14th January 2003


A general view of the shed shows Class 465 Nos. 465158 and 465034 on the left, with a Class 466 in a newer livery getting in on the act on the right. This is the ''London'' end of the building, dating from June 1954. David Glasspool

14th January 2003


The entrance marked with a black and yellow striped door is that of the repair shed. Originally, the structure would have covered both the lines seen, whilst also extending forward until level with the building's frontage. The staff entrance road on the left-hand side occupies the site of a further siding which was reached by the southern of two former turntables. David Glasspool


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