28th July 2005


The signal box is typically SER, with this company's sash-style windows. This was the usual

design found down the North Kent Line before these boxes were decommissioned in 1970

- of course, there were oddities. The signal box is viewed on 28th July 2005, the dreaded

palisade fencing being in evidence! The signal box extension is a much later addition, of

about 1930 origin. David Glasspool


28th July 2005


A southward view on 28th July 2005 shows the double-track curving away; a semaphore signal

post is in evidence just left of centre and alongside it is the colour light replacement.

David Glasspool


28th July 2005


This final northward view back towards the station shows the station building, lattice footbridge and

semaphores in harmony with each other, 28th July 2005. Weeds have begun taking over the track work.

It is also worth noting the upper floor of the station building is painted white - on a number of intermediate

stations, particularly LC&DR, a treatment such as this was applied by the original railway company, but in

most cases, it has been an application of a much later date. David Glasspool



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