Grove Park



An original BR(S) Green Totem from the station, now in the back garden of a former Hither Green engine

man in Kent. Colin Relf



An earlier southward view from 28th August 2004 reveals the explosion of housing development

either side of the station. The five storage sidings formerly laid on the land to the left, now occupied

by high-density housing. The housing on the right sits on the site of the once complex array of lines

filtering into the Bromley North branch. The SR substation of 1926 can be seen emerging in the

distance, on the right. David Glasspool



This 2nd August 2006 view looks towards the rear of the station building, and shows the complex

array of stairwells. Those of 1905 are indicated with the brick surrounds and arched roofs. In the

foreground, on the left, is the dedicated footbridge leading to the Bromley North platform.

David Glasspool



No. 466006 had just trundled in with the shuttle service from Bromley North, on 2nd August

2006. The terminus of the branch is capable of accommodating ten-vehicle formations, but a

single Class 466 is more than adequate for the off-peak. David Glasspool



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