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A planning application for rebuilding Deptford station was submitted to Lewisham Council as far back as 8th September 2005, but it was not until the subsequent decade that any noticeable start on the project was made. On 10th June 2009, company ‘’Dawson Horrell’’ was appointed as architects and ‘’Atkins Rail’’ as the Services and Structural Engineer of the project. On 26th May 2010 the building contract, worth £6.8 million, was awarded to Volker Fitzpatrick, which had been competing against four other bidders.

Emphasis was put on clear glazing for the new station design, to provide a light and airy atmosphere and show the restored viaduct brickwork off to good effect. The station rebuilding formed part of the ‘’National Station Improvement Programme’’, and was funded jointly by Network Rail and Lewisham Council. Rebuilding included the following: 



The ceremonial start of rebuilding work was marked on 5th April 2011, representatives from Lewisham Council, Network Rail, Volker Fitzpatrick, and Parliament attending. The rebuilding timescale at the time suggested that the new station would be open in November 2011, although works would be ongoing until summer 2012.

The new station was eventually opened to the public on Thursday 26th April 2012, but works were far from complete. A temporary walkway from the high street to the station entrance remained in use, and the canopies were still to be finished. When your author visited the site in August 2012, the new platform canopies were still only semi-complete, and no start had been made on the promised restoration of the carriage ramp (will this promise now be reneged on?).


4th August 2012


A Greenwich-bound view shows that the SE&CR buildings and SR canopies are no more. New V-shaped canopies

are taking shape on each platform. The main station building is on the right, whilst on the left can be seen the blue

lift shaft of the ''down'' platform, encased in a peculiar steel wire mesh. © David Glasspool


4th August 2012


A good job has been made at cleaning up the brickwork within the station's subway and providing copious lighting.

This is the view from the bottom of the ''down'' side staircase, the latter of which is wrapped around the lift shaft.

© David Glasspool


4th August 2012


At the end of the subway is the main ticket hall, a fully glazed structure extending up above platform level, which

has replaced the SE&CR buildings. The L&GR carriage ramp can be seen through the glass. © David Glasspool


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