Grain Crossing


13th May 2006


The signal box was built by independent signalling contractor ''Stevens & Sons'', the same company of which

erected the early cabins at Dunton Green and Westerham. David Glasspool


13th May 2006


A westward view reveals the semaphore ''home'' signal seen on the previous page - note the absence of the

spur to the gas works. David Glasspool


13th May 2006


Round the bend and down the line from the previous photograph existed a ''Distant'' signal, which was also

permanently fixed in the ''stop'' position. David Glasspool


13th May 2006


Flood barriers are an interesting feature of this quaint, marshy route, having been installed in response to the

East Coast floods of 31st January 1953 (during which Ridham Dock was severely damaged). The example seen

here on 13th May 2006 is positioned in-between the ''distant'' semaphore and Grain Crossing. One would expect

the line across the Hoo Peninsula to be as flat as a pancake, but there are a surprising number of gradients.

David Glasspool



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