Hither Green Depot

SR: ''HIT''; BR: ''73C''; TOPS: ''HG''




Hither Green Depot: 1970

A view towards the northwest includes the engine shed in the company of a diesel shunter, three Type ''JA'' Electro-Diesels (one still wearing ''Electric Blue'' livery), and a Type 3 diesel (later ''Class 33''). The Electro-Diesel on the far right is stabled on the line which leads to the turntable. Roger Goodrum

Late 1970s


Hither Green Depot: Class 71

This view of four withdrawn Class 71 Type HA electrics is thought to date from about 1977, the year in which the remaining members of this fleet were taken out of service. Hither Green ''power box'' is visible on the extreme left, whilst the refuelling shed can be seen on the far right. Roger Goodrum



Hither Green Depot: Class 71

Hither Green Depot locomotive line-up: three Class 33 diesels, a Class 73 Electro-Diesel and, finally, a Class 08 diesel shunter. The water tank was a reminder of the depot's steam days. David Glasspool Collection

16th July 1978


Hither Green Depot: 1978

A 1978 view inside the shed shows, from left to right: Nos. 08760; 33212; 33208; 33054. It is this side of the shed building which still remains in existence today, the eastern half (beyond the retaining wall on the right) having been demolished during 1991. David Glasspool Collection


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