10th May 2004

Looking towards Gravesend over the back of the "up" platform, the derelict remains of Northfleet Cement Sidings are in sight, these of which were last used on 13th March 1993. However, all was not lost for the site, and a new connection between the North Kent Line and the former site of Northfleet Cement Works was brought into use in 2012. © David Glasspool

27th February 2006

By the time of this photograph, the window boards had lost their dark blue colours to white, the yellow lining of the doors had gone, and a "Northfleet" name sign had appeared above the entrance. The cosmetic works had taken place the previous year. © David Glasspool

27th February 2006

Presumably, this Network SouthEast sign was fished out of storage, because it was not present in the picture from 2004 on the previous page. In the background, on the right, can be seen the glazed facade of Ebbsfleet International, which opened in November of the following year. © David Glasspool

31st May 2006

The break in the conductor rails in this Gravesend-bound view represents where a staff foot crossing once was. A brick-built store room was once positioned on the "down" platform, left of the subway entrance. © David Glasspool