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9th June 1959


The semaphore signals are no more, colour aspect lights having come into use with the new ''power box'' on

24th May 1959. A formation of three 4 BEPs is in view, comprising Nos. 7005, 7004, and 7003. The full

accelerated electric timetable came into use six days later. The Late Brian Relf Colin Relf


Summer 1959


A Midland D5000 series diesel is seen approaching from the Herne Bay line, seemingly with carriage stock from

the same region. Behind, we see another then new breed, a Type ''HA'' electric locomotive. The latter subsequently

became Class 71 under TOPS, and was introduced as part of the Kent Coast Electrification Scheme. These electrics

picked up electric current from third rail and, in some sidings, through electric wires by means of a pantograph.

Finally, in the background, a memory of the steam era: a trio of Blood and Custard BR Mk 1 carriages.

The Late Brian Relf Colin Relf


Summer 1959


A D5000 series diesel is seen heading off on the Thanet line with a rake of LMS-designed carriages. On the

extreme left can just be seen the cylindrical fuel tanks of the former engine shed, which were added when

the depot was converted to service diesel locomotives. On the right, a motley collection of wagons occupy

part of the spacious goods yard, whilst centre background is the then newly commissioned ''power box''.

The Late Brian Relf Colin Relf



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