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10th June 2008


This London-bound view is taken from above the incoming Thanet line, and included in the background is the

May 1959-opened ''power box''. All the structures on the right are positioned upon the former site of the entry

lines to the goods yard and the Faversham Creek Branch. David Glasspool


10th June 2008


Redevelopment of the vacant goods yard site into a mixture of housing and retail unit plots began in Spring 2007.

Thankfully, however, the goods shed is still standing, and the scaffolding surrounding it in the above view would

seem to suggest that it is being restored as part of the works. The structure resides at 90 degrees to the running

lines through the station. To the building's left formerly existed six sidings, and the single-track Faversham Creek

Branch. The structure itself was host to one siding. Click the above picture for a pair of close-up views.

David Glasspool


10th June 2008


An eastward view above the Thanet line shows redevelopment in full swing on the former goods yard site, on

the left, and the decaying wagon repair shop on the right. David Glasspool



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