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10th June 2008


Electrostar No. 375607 arrives with a second unit in tow at Faversham, in this westward view. Here, the formation

will split: No. 375607 will proceed to Ramsgate via Herne Bay, whilst the rear unit will be bound for Dover Priory

via Canterbury East. David Glasspool


10th June 2008


All clear! No. 375607 receives the green light to proceed towards the junction and onto the route to Thanet.

In the background, amongst the vegetation on the left, can just be seen the corner of the listed engine shed

emerging. On the right are three electrified berthing sidings, of which one is occupied by No. 465908.

David Glasspool



10th June 2008


An eastward view shows the divergence of routes: branching off to the right, beyond the sidings, is the line to

Dover via Canterbury East, whilst that bending sharply to the left leads to the Isle of Thanet. In the apex of the

diverging routes is the former engine shed - half was demolished when the steam shed was converted for diesel

operation, but the side offices and wagon repair shop still survive. On the far left are sidings which were once

part of an extensive goods yard. David Glasspool


10th June 2008


No. 465933 arrived at platform 4 with a terminating service from London Victoria. This was one of thirty-four

Class 465 units refurbished by Wabtec at Doncaster, between September 2004 and March 2005.

David Glasspool



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