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10th June 2008


The LC&DR rebuilding of the station during 1897 and 1898 provided a spacious layout with two smart station

buildings on either side of the islands. Both were built using crème brick and orange window surrounds, based

on the same design as those main buildings erected at Bickley and Chatham. At Faversham, the ''down'' side

main building is the largest, and normally the only one open issuing tickets. Picture here is the smaller ''up''

side structure, which lacks the façade canopy of its larger ''down'' side counterpart. On the right is the glazed

subway entrance. © David Glasspool


10th June 2008


Outside the northern perimeter of the station still exists the looming pump house, complete with its trademark

LC&DR arched orange window frames. In the distance is the ''down'' side station building, which was having

remedial work done to the façade canopy at this time. © David Glasspool


10th June 2008


An eastward view includes both covered subway entrances, the ''up'' side electrified loop siding, and the

substantial canopies of 19th Century design. Sections of canopy valance have been cut out to make signals

visible, a common practice nationwide. © David Glasspool


10th June 2008


Stabled in the ''up'' loop siding on this day was No. 375620, which was undergoing inspection. The conductor

rails at the electrified berthing sidings to the east of the station, in addition to the one pictured here, are lined

at their sides by wooden planks, to reduce the risk of electrocution when walking around rolling stock at ground

level. © David Glasspool



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