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10th June 2008


A westward view down the throat of the station shows Class 465 No. 465908 stabled in one of three electrified

berthing sidings to the east of the station. The overgrown area seen on the right, located within the apex of the

diverging routes, was formerly host to the engine shed approach tracks. © David Glasspool


10th June 2008


An eastward view shows the departing double-track of the route to Dover Priory, and reveals that one of the

trio of berthing sidings is considerably longer than the others. Siding walkways are prefabricated from concrete

cast components. © David Glasspool


10th June 2008


Returning to the station, and interesting survivor has been the ''up'' side goods platform. It continues to be

served by an eastward-facing siding (which lacks third rail), this effectively being an extension of the loop

berthing track here. Note the crème brick structure behind the ''15'' speed sign: this marks the entrance to

a public subway underneath the railway site, and was built to the same design as the station buildings.

© David Glasspool


10th June 2008


This final picture depicts No. 375606 stabled in platform 2, having recently arrived from Ramsgate. It was in

the process of being attached to a four-vehicle service from Dover Priory, for the ultimate leg of the journey

to London Victoria. © David Glasspool



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